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Jalloro LTD. London. England. April 2010 – June 2010

Catalogue design for Morton Metropolis Art Gallery, London (Stuart Semple, Damian Elwes. Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi Aboriginal Art Gallery, Sally Gabori). Design for Mitch Winehouse debut album, ‘Rush of Love’. Design for Young Don debut single, ‘Lifestyle’. Brand Development and Logo Design for Garsington Opera.

Mitch Winehouse

Art Direction, Cover Design, Layout

A couple of years after the death of Amy Winehouse, her father Mitch decides to fullfil the dream of his life – to release his own album. “Rush of Love” is his debut album, showcasing his in-deapth knowledge and sheer passion for Jazz and Swing music, released by Metropolis Music. When designing the cover book, I got access to the familys private photo almums and included several nice pictures of Amy when she was growing up.

Damien Elwes

Art Direction, Catalogue Design, Layout

Catalogue design and invitation for Damien Elwes exhibition at Morton Metropolis in London. Printed on recycled paper with vegetable ink.

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